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The Morning Brew: How Inline Refractometers Ensure Your Perfect Cup of Instant Coffee

How Inline Refractometers Ensure Your Perfect Cup of Instant Coffee

Millions of people start their day with a delicious hot cup of coffee. Some brew their fresh coffee, some purchase it ready-made at local convenience stores or shops, while others rely on their favorite brand of instant coffee for a quick and easy caffeine fix.

Instant coffee, a beverage loved by millions, constitutes approximately one-third of all coffee consumed globally. It's not just a favorite in countries like Great Britain and Japan, but also finds its place in the United States, albeit in a smaller proportion. Unlike fresh ground bean coffee, instant coffee undergoes brewing at the factory before packaging. Manufacturers cook the raw beans to perfection, grind them, and brew them according to very specific taste standards. They then freeze-dry the perfect brew and grind it into tiny morsels ready to release their flavor when mixed with hot water.

Manufacturers are utmostly concerned about the consistency and quality of each brewed batch of instant coffee. If the end product fails to consistently meet customers' taste standards, the brand risks losing customers to competitors who offer a better and more reliable brew. Inline refractometers play a crucial role in quality control during the brewing process.

In the intricate process of instant coffee production, process refractometers take center stage. They diligently monitor concentrations during evaporation procedures of large batches of brewed coffee. The refractometers measure the amount of total dissolved solids (TDS), which represents the quantity of soluble flavor compounds extracted from the coffee beans during brewing. Coffee grounds consist of approximately 70% non-soluble material and 30% soluble compounds responsible for the coffee's taste. To ensure a delicious cup of instant coffee every time for the customer, manufacturers must maintain tight TDS tolerances in each brewed batch. Significant variations in TDS measurements across batches lead to inconsistencies in the end product, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and ultimately loss of sales.

So, the next time you savor a steaming cup of instant coffee, thank the humble refractometer for maintaining that deliciously consistent taste you love!

Electron Machine Corporation specializes in manufacturing inline process refractometers for large-scale food and beverage production applications, ensuring consistent quality in your favorite instant beverages.

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Process Refractometers for Instant Coffee Production

Refractometers in instant coffee production
The morning alarm rings and you slowly rise for your daily routine.  You can’t wait to get the first taste of your day: Coffee!  One of the first things millions of people do worldwide to start their day is enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee.  Some people brew their own fresh coffee, some buy it ready made at their local convenience store or coffee shop, while others turn to their favorite brand of instant coffee (just add hot water, stir and it’s ready).

Approximately one third of all coffee consumed worldwide is instant coffee.  That number is lower in the United States, but other countries such as Great Britain and Japan love the stuff!  Instant coffee differs from the fresh ground bean version because it has already been brewed before at the factory.  The raw beans are cooked to perfection by the manufacturer.  They are then ground and brewed to very specific taste standards.  After the perfect brew is made, it is freeze dried and ground into tiny morsels just begging for some hot water to release their flavor again. 

The consistency and quality of the instant coffee that comes from each brewed batch is of vital
importance to the manufacturer.  If the end product is not consistent with the customers’ taste standards, then the brand will lose customers to other manufacturers who have a better, more consistent, brew.  It is during the brewing process where the inline refractometer plays a huge role in quality control.

process refractometer
Process refractometer sensor.

In the production of instant coffee, as large batches of coffee are brewed, process refractometers are used to monitor concentrations in evaporation procedures. The process refractometers are used to measure the amount of total dissolved solids (TDS), which refers to the amount of the soluble flavor material from the coffee bean that is extracted as a part of the brewing process. Coffee grounds are made up of about 70% non-soluble material and about 30% of soluble compounds. These soluble compounds are responsible for the coffee's taste. For a delicious instant coffee time and time again for the customer, the manufacturer must keep tight TDS tolerances on their batches of brew.  If the TDS measurement varies too much in each brewed batch, the end product will be inconsistent. This will lead to customer dissatisfaction, and ultimately loss of sales.

So the next time you enjoy a nice hot cup of instant coffee...thank the refractometer for helping maintain its’ deliciously consistent taste!

Electron Machine Corporation manufactures inline, process refractometers for large scale food and beverage production applications.